Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I need help finding a few things, I have searched every place in Utah county I know that sells baking supplies. I'm looking for sprinkles! Sugar pearls in all sizes, and mini candy coated chips! Why are they so hard to find? Is there a secret spot that I have not been informed of?? I know I can buy them online, but I am a procrastinator!! And need them soon! So if you know of a few places that might have them or any other baking supplies please drop me a note!! Thanks :)


  1. I think you may need to make a trip up to SLC. Orson GyGi is the place to get EVERYTHING! They are awesome! I miss you guys! It's been forever since we've seen you!

  2. Orson Gygi is at: 3500 South 300 West Salt Lake City, Utah. (801) 268-3316
    Set your budget before you go in there or you are going to go mad. That place is a chefs Wonderland! I love it. It's a little spensy, but I almost guarantee that you will find everything you need.

  3. are you making cupcake pops?! cuz i have been looking for the candy coated chips forever too! let me know where you find them.. :)

  4. what places have you gone?

    i love orson gygi.

    you can also find things at the these locations

    *orem bosch kitchen store off of center street

    and hum...i need to think some more.

  5. Hey, I went to Dippidee today and they have sprinkles and candy-coated chocolate dots (like the sheep have for their fur for the cake pops but multi-colored) and colored sugar. I asked the girl and she said they won't have it for long, it was just a mix-up in ordering. If you're still looking, you may want to try there. They come in cute jars, too. :)