Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fruit Pie Bars

Have you ever gone through your mom's or grandma's old recipe box? Well I have and this is just one of the MANY recipes. I hope to make all of them, then I'll really be bakin' just like mom used too :)
Crust & topping:
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
3/4 cup cold butter
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
1/3 cup flour
pinch of salt
16 0z. blackberries
(Any type of berry will work, I just used what I had on hand. You could also used frozen berries just make sure you defrost them and they are not the ones soaking in juice)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease an 8x8" pan. Combine flour, sugar, and salt and cut your cold butter into the flour mixture to create a crumb topping. (now you can do this is a food processor but I do not own one :( so I just use a good old fork and my hands) Reserve half of the mixture for the topping and press the remaining into the bottom of your pan. Bake for 10-12 minutes, remove and let cool for 10 minutes. Meanwhile whisk eggs and sugar until combined, then add sour cream, flour and salt. Gently fold in your berries, and spoon the mixture over your crust. Sprinkle on the rest of your crumb topping. Bake for 45-55 minutes, remove and let cool for at least 30 minutes before you cut it.


  1. Russ is mad at me, so I'm making these tonight as a peace offering LOL thanks for the recipe!

  2. I made these two nights ago and they were ah-maz-ing! We devoured them. Thanks for this recipe.