Friday, May 1, 2009


I drive by this bakery almost every day and finally got the chance to stop by. The very first thing I saw was a sweet looking old couple, holding hands, sipping on coffee and pastries on the table waiting to be eaten. I was surprised to see that this little bakery was all OPEN, you see the pans, the ovens, rising dough, the bakers baking, frosting, and decorating. It would be great if all bakeries were like this, just to take a peak at the pros. Now Shirley's is not like a lot of these new cupcake and specialty cake bakeries, this is old school style; dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, donuts, danishes, every type of cookie you could imagine. But they had something I have never come across, you can choose what type of frosting you want on your rolls, from cream cheese, vanilla, cinnamon, to the tempting raspberry cream cheese!! I got six orange rolls with cream cheese frosting, and they were yummy! Inside the roll wasn't just orange glaze, but tiny chunks of candied orange! So if your looking for the traditional bakery swing on by Shirley on Freedom Blvd. in Provo you won't be disappointed. (Sorry for not having pictures I did not have my camera with me)

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